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What a great game! it was totally a lot of fun. i would love to play a bigger, longer version of this! Hope you keep up the great work


Wow that was a lot of fun! Adding a kill counter and having the aliens drop loot other than meat might make it that much better. With a little more development this could defenitly be a game a pay for! 

awesome demo, one issue i have is the sensitivety. i wish i could change it but anyway awesome game its got potential.


Very nice looking demo, promising. Clean, slick design work, would like to see more.

One issue for feedback: 

It looks gorgeous but there were moments where my eyes felt strained while looking around quickly - the post processing, lens blur effect and the permanent 'water droplets on the lens' overlay thing all going on at the same time... I had that feeling of wearing someone's glasses and straining to focus. 

I'd definitely want to the option to disable those effects if I was playing for any length of time. 


It's really fun. Even if it is only at the beginning. I even made a video about it (but only in German).

I'm looking forward to future updates. Keep it up!

gonna give this a go, it looks bloody brilliant from what i've seen so far, good work dude! :)

it says its not compatible with my OS...did i download wrong? 

(my OS  is a 32 bit desktop windows 7)

It's more than likely a 64x game, in which you can't play if you're running a 32x computer

if you could please make it into a mac i used wine to open .exe files but it wont work :(

Dude, I wish I found that easter egg!! Awesome game! I wish all the luck with you!! If I can make a suggestion, to maybe make this sorta like mc. The mechanics is amazing, there is big pottental when it comes to this game. A open world style will do wonderfully with this game!! Either way, it was so much fun!!!

I had a lot of fun with this game! I even managed to jumpscare myself with the creepy aliens, haha! I did make a small gameplay video for it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd be very appreciative! 

Hey amazing video, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!



I thought this was a great little project and I enjoyed every minute of it so I did a video.

Thank you and good luck everyone


That was amazing, thank you very much. There was also a little hidden collectible you missed so check that out if you will.  I already fixed the cursor thing and I will continue to work on the game so stick around for more content!


Thanks sadmanbrad, I really appreciate your response and I didn't know that there was a hidden collectable so i'm going to go and see if I can find it. I'll do another video and i'll post it up when done.

Keep up the great work.



aka wobblyfootgamer

I thought that mound of sand looked a little out of place :)



Hey! SPOILERS you did find it! Awesome video and thanks again for all the amazing feedback. 

The suggestion you made about making it an online experience and adding a way to mark the islands was a great idea and I'll try to get it to work.

Stay in touch


Amazing! I love the waves and collection of the ore, but if you continue progress (which you should), maybe some more items, like a camera that makes a viewport in the corner of the screen when you deploy it. Or maybe some controllable flight when you leave the island.

Thanks for playing! I did plan on getting more items and tools into the game but couldn't make it during the game jam. I'll update the game in a week or so with more content and more polish